Pando FAQ's

Question 1

Do I have to live or work in Utah to join?

No you do not. Although the majority of our members live in the greater Park City area, many have other ties to our community. Second homes, regular vacations, business offices, family and more. If you believe in the community and what we are building, we encourage you to apply.

Question 2

Is Pando an accelerator?

Not at this time. Although we will bring in additional verticals in the future, we have not made a decision on opening an accelerator for our membership. We do have connections to accelerator programs through our members and partners to help with your goals.

Question 3

Will Pando invest in my company?

Not at this time. Although we will bring in additional verticals in the future, we have not made a decision on taking on investments from our membership. Plenty of our members are in the investment community and can help with your fundraising goals.

Question 4

I have friends and other colleagues that may want to join. Can I refer them?

Absolutely and thank you for thinking of us! There is a referral field in the application form where they can mention your name.

Question 5

What do I have to do once I am a member?

At Pando we are a give-and-take community. We ask that you give back to the community as much as you take, understanding there are nuances within this based on where you are in your professional journey. We encourage you to join our members only Slack channels to begin your journey within our community.

Question 6

What happens if I join and Pando it ends up not being right for me?

You can cancel at any time. We do encourage you to schedule a meeting with our MD’s first to see if they can facilitate anything additional based on your needs.

Question 7

What events does Pando host?

  1. Daily programming and communication made possible by Pando’s exclusive workspace on Slack. Here, members interact and support one another on a daily basis.
  2. Monthly events held with experts in certain fields, based on what our members need. These events are driven by active conversations taking place within the Pando community.
  3. Quarterly events, featuring guest speakers, panel discussions, and highlighting local entrepreneurs making a large impact. These events will be scheduled on a quarterly basis and are open to all members, partners, and your allocated guests.
  4. Mountain Events with the Pando community. Keep your eyes on Slack to keep up-to-date on these seasonal activities. For instance, enjoy a few hours of skiing with fellow members followed by a brand marketing discussion led by one of our experts.
Question 8

Is Pando a networking community?

No. Pando is a community that supports one another and is looking to build relationships that create a positive impact on all members. Through being a contributing member, networking is an affect, however, we are not a networking community. We believe the world has plenty of those. In fact, leave your business card in the car and come contribute to the community and you’ll receive the best networking effort you could ask for.

Question 9

How do I Sign Up!?

Click here and our sign up process will walk you through everything