The Pando Ecosystem

Pando uses our shared love for the mountains to bring entrepreneurial minds together. 

Pando is believed to be the largest, most dense organism ever.

This 13 million pound aspen clone spreads over 106 acres in central Utah, consisting of over 40,000 individual trees. (USDA Forest Service).

Like the Pando organism, we strive to build connections.
Connections for individuals, businesses and ideas.

Pando’s Why
To create the mountain entrepreneurial community.

We exist to bring entrepreneurs who love the mountains together, empowering positive change for our local and global communities. Pando is a 501(c) 3 organization that connects, supports and empowers entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and change makers.

Pando’s Vision
To be the mountain entrepreneurial ecosystem, empowering positive social and economic change

Pando strives to be the destination for entrepreneurship in mountain communities. We want to expand our footprint scalably, focused on processes for knowledge-sharing and member participation.

Pando’s Mission
To provide support and meaningful connections for our members.

We create lasting connections and opportunities for growth for our members, helping them achieve their business dreams. Through programming, education, and knowledge-sharing, we seek to connect and support our members.

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We are rooted in our core values:


Pando creates premium, engaging, and intimate experiences for members. Through authentic storytelling, Pando will demonstrate inclusivity, connect thought leaders, and facilitate connections to help solve its members’ challenges.


Pando is a self-sustaining organism, steered forward by its member’s participation and engagement. Members who join must be willing and able to give as much as they receive.


Pando seeks to affect positive social and economic change in the community. Pando hopes that with the energy this organization creates around entrepreneurship, young people will begin to see Park City as a place they can stay to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.


Pando will continue to evolve, as its members seek out opportunities to learn and grow both in their professional endeavors as well as for community betterment.

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