If you believe in supporting local entrepreneurship, this is the perfect opportunity.

Pando offers four types of partnerships to meet our advocates’ goals. Current partners include local businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, chambers of commerce, school districts, service providers, and capital providers. Our partners prioritize relationships and supporting our community to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Snowy Road

Partner Tiers

If you are interested in partnering with Pando, please reach out to us:
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Presenting Partner

Only Partner in this tier
Free memberships for Directors and up
Involvement/Speaking at every premium event
Website Promotion - Pando brought to you by X
Presenting sponsor of Community Platform
Featured on all Pando communication
Social Media Mentions: Mutual content creation
501(c)(3) write off
Right of first refusal


Limited Partners

Only partner in your category in this tier
Free memberships for VPs and up
Featured at quarterly events & one speaking opportunity
Website Promotion under Timpanogos partners
Featured presence on community platform for no additional cost
Social mentions quarterly
501(c)(3) write off
Right of first refusal



Unlimited Partners

Discounted memberships for employees
Highlighted at non-quarterly events
Website Promotion under Nebo partners
Social mentions bi-annually
501(c)(3) write off
Right of first refusal

Pando Partners