Welcome to PandoRoots

Pando believes that entrepreneurship shouldn’t only be for the fortunate few. With the right mindset, idea and determination, it is a path anyone should be able to take, no matter their background or geographical location.

Our Initiative

Through support and donations from members and partners, the Pando community has launched the PandoRoots initiative.
PandoRoots brings in entrepreneurs who have a vision to build something meaningful, but might not have access to the
resources or community they need to make that vision a reality.

By launching PandoRoots, Pando is moving one step closer to building a more inclusive entrepreneurial community for all those wanting to participate. By building a more diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, all community members, whether entrepreneurial or not, will benefit. With idea exploration and knowledge sharing as tenants within Pando, our community members feel supported in a way that makes them want to speak up and be heard.

PandoRoots will be open for enrollment year-round, but will be capped at twenty participants.

Benefits of PandoRoots

Community Guidelines

  • No soliciting - You must engage and be active with other members in an authentic way. Landing clients/business from the community is a natural path, but this happens through relationships, not soliciting.
  • Be honest about the problems you are facing and where you need help from the community. 
  • Be transparent about how you can help other members based on your experience and areas of expertise.
  • Be honest when you cannot help.
  • Follow our WMVV through all interactions with the community.
  • Alert Managing Director’s when a member is not following community guidelines.

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