Pando brings people with entrepreneurial mindsets together.

Our members offer a diverse array of knowledge and skill-sets, fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships, and a give-and-take approach to networking.

Member Prerequisites

  • You believe in our Purpose (WMVV).
  • You put community above self-interest and want to be actively involved.
  • You are an entrepreneur, executive, capital provider, service provider or expert in a particular field.
  • You want to help others in the community and build lasting relationships.
Community Guidelines
  • No soliciting - You must engage and be active with other members in an authentic way. Landing clients/business from the community is a natural path, but this happens through relationships, not soliciting...
  • Be honest about the problems you are facing and where you need help from the community.
  • Be transparent about how you can help other members based on your experience and areas of expertise,
  • Be honest when you cannot help.
  • Follow our WMVV through all interactions with the community.
  • Alert Managing Directors when a member is not following community guidelines.
Member Benefits
  • Consistent, High Quality Programming + Content
  • Mutually=Beneficial Partnerships
  • Community Betterment
  • Shared Victories
  • Opportunities for Growth

Member Benefits


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Guest Privileges

  • We encourage members to bring guests to events. All members can bring one guest to any event or workshop that they attend.
  • If you are unable to attend and would still like to invite a guest, please email to request this.
  • If you have more than one guest you would like to bring to events, please email to request this. It will be a $29.99 charge per guest after your one free guest.
  • We very much want potential members to experience the Pando community. We appreciate your help and support!

Member Spotlights

Our members exemplify the give-and-take nature of the Pando ecosystem, with a mutual goal of community betterment and knowledge-sharing. 
Maia Hightower
Equality AI

I am so happy to have found Pando. I recently made the transition from the corporate life to the tech start-up world. It has been great to have access to a network of entrepreneur and start-up leadership in my backyard. The combination of the active Park City lifestyle with the ecosystem of start up founders make the Pando community truly unique.

Kelsey Glazer

Pando and Kiln are a great combo because we share the same mission - to connect like minded people to support entrepreneurial growth and community.  Pando's programming and events give Kiln members even more access to knowledge sharing opportunities and connecting with leaders in the Utah ecosystem.

LegUp Health

"My first company outgrew Park City in 2013 after seven years with offices on Main Street. We were forced to relocate the company to Salt Lake City. I'm a supporter of Pando because I want businesses that start in mountain towns to have the option to stay and grow there."


I stumbled on Pando in my first weeks in Utah and immediately felt at home.  There is a huge variety of entrepreneurs in the group from many industries and backgrounds but everyone has always been welcoming and open.  We network, yes, but we also solve problems, present ideas and mentor each other.  


"BioUtah is Utah’s only trade association for Life Sciences. Our membership ranges from large multi-national corporations to very early stage startup. Our partnership with Pando Labs was based on our mutual affection and interest in the startup phase of companies."

University of Utah

"I became a member of Pando because the core mission of bringing people together who have a common passion for ecosystem building and for outdoor lifestyle is how I live my life each day and something I wanted to be a part of."


"Carta's mission is to "Create More Owners". We do this by making it easy for entrepreneurs to issue equity and manage the ownership structure of their companies. We are proud to partner with PandoLabs in supporting entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of forming their businesses to later stages and eventual exits."

Xmetryx, LLC

"What impressed me was the way everyone I met talked about wanting to build a great startup ecosystem in the PC/SLC area by connecting people and helping one another. I became a Founding Member, met amazing people and made some great friends though PandoLabs."

Penza Consulting

"I joined Pando because I wanted to meet and support like-minded entrepreneurs in the Park City community."

Nexus IT Consultants

"The community has been invaluable in creating relationships with other local entrepreneurs and businesses. Helping each other learn, grow, and solve challenges. Not to mention, it’s nice to have a social/support network of like-minded people, all working on creating and achieving success!"

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