Pando and Kiln Form Joint Partnership

Mike Cremeno
August 3, 2021

Pando is excited to announce a new partnership with Kiln, a flexible office space and coworking community that elevates performance and lifestyle. As two of Utah’s most active entrepreneurial hubs, we knew joining forces was key to improving the overall experience for each of our member bases. Social events, member perks, educational programming and cross collaboration will be some of the new benefits for our communities.


Partnership Details

1) Kiln will provide preferred pricing to Pando members who are referred by the Pando team. 

2) Pando will provide Kiln members two free months of membership, as long as they are referred by the Kiln community team. 

3) If you’re a Kiln member, you’ll start to notice invites to Pando’s virtual programming free of charge. 

4) If you’re a Pando member, you will soon be welcomed at all Kiln events, free of charge.

Pando and Kiln believe that lifestyle, work-life balance, and community enables individuals and teams to realize their business goals. Our hope is to create intentional communities of like-minded professionals, who despite coming from a diverse set of backgrounds and working in a number of different industries, celebrate collective success. 

“Pando uses our shared love for the mountains to bring entrepreneurial minds together, creating an atmosphere for knowledge sharing and empowerment. Kiln’s unique approach of supporting their members to achieve both work performance and lifestyle aligns perfectly with Pando’s mission and values. When you walk into Kiln, you are immediately hit with an energy and passion that is unmatched in other coworking communities.” Mike Cremeno, Managing Director of Pando.

"Pando and Kiln are a great combo because we are both passionate about people and places. Pando has a rooted network and a great formula for creating entrepreneurial success. This falls directly inline with what Kiln strives to deliver - a space that facilitates relationships to support entrepreneurial growth and community. We are excited to combine our communities and make some fresh tracks." Arian Lewis, CEO of Kiln.

To kick off our partnership, Pando and Kiln will be hosting a joint event at Kiln Park City on August 26th, 2021. Soon thereafter, we will launch our joint speaker series at Kiln Salt Lake and Kiln Lehi. We’d love to see you there!