Ask Me Anything - Frank Addante

Frank Addante
November 23, 2021

Frank Addante has successfully started 5 companies worth $5 billion including two IPOs, four acquisitions, $1Bn in revenue, $300M in capital raised and managed thousands of people across 28 offices around the world. An engineer turned entrepreneur, Frank believes in identifying large markets, solving very big problems and connecting strong company cultures with daring and ambitious missions. Frank is now Co-Creator and General Partner of TinkerBarn Ventures - a startup studio and early stage investor in social and environmental impact focused companies.

In this round table session, you can ask Frank anything. It could be about company building, culture, technology, startups, scaling, managing a board, evaluating business ideas, marketing/storytelling or simply how to stay sane through it all.

Frank is an open book, nothing is off the table.